Happy New Year

2016 – The new year is a time for celebration and also for reflection, as we look back at 2015 and look ahead to the future. We acknowledge our achievements and our disappointments. We name our hopes and dream, our goals and intentions and sometimes, with trepidation, our resolutions.

Often, the reflecting time prompts me to ask questions about change. I think about the resolutions I have made in the past,many of which I have not been able to sustain, and I ask whether meaningful change is really possible.

My answer to my own question is “YES.” Change is possible. It is also very difficult. In my experience, it takes a whole host of factors to make meaningful change:

  • a community of support and encouragement
  • bold dreams and manageable first steps
  • gentle honesty with myself about the things that get in the way
  • patience and perseverance
  • remembering to seek strength from beyond myself
  • finding a way to make the hard work joyful


Source: http://www.openspiritcenter.org/a-new-years-reflection-on-change-by-debbie-clark-interfaith-coordinator/

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    Please change to new email to immanuelumc.church



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