Are you Disengaged, a Dreamer, Dabbler or Purposeful?

Research has shown that only 20% meet the description of being purposeful. With 25% disengaged; 25% dreamers and 31% dabblers.

Disengaged: Not passionate about anything beyond themselves and their own enjoyment.

Dreamers: Aspire to create a life of meaning but they haven’t grounded those dreams into a practical, realistic plan to bring it to fruition.

Dabblers: Jumping from one thing to the next without sustained commitment – an essential aspect of being on purpose.

“The purposeful are those who have found something meaningful to dedicate themselves to, who have sustained this interest over a period of time, and who express a clear sense of what they are trying to accomplish in the world and why. They have found a cause or ultimate goal that inspires their efforts from day to day and helps them fashion a coherent future agenda. They know what they want to accomplish and why, and they have taken concerted steps to achieve their ambitions.” ~William Damon

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