Moving Chaos to Calm and Finding Balance

Chaos is the space of change that has not yet harmonized or synchronized.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and felt like you were drowning in your commitments? Being pulled in fifteen different directions? You know what it is you need to do but are caught in the craziness of the moment, the hurry up to get it done and pressures to calm yourself down. You look into your toolbox for something that will help. But, all you can feel is a numbness, your stuck and nothing seems to work.

Get Off The Roller Coaster

This is not the easiest thing to do But, when you become overwhelmed you need to learn to stop and disconnect so that you can come back in a more balanced way.

Rediscover Nature

Take a look outside. Can you see a tree? Grass? A potted plant? A bird? Maybe you are lucky and can see a park or lake. There is something in nature you love to do, so go find that and do it. It will be one of the most grounding experiences of your life. Read more … newsletter-pdf-fall-2016

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