Before we move into 2017, it is a good idea to spend a few moments reflecting on 2016 highlights. Here are some questions to consider:

1.Name Your Top 5 Achievements in 2016
Big, small, what are YOU MOST proud of?

2. What Did I Learn about Myself?
For example, strengths, weaknesses, talents, beliefs, values, hopes, fears, etc.

3. What Did I Create or Bring into the World in 2016?
Could be anything at all!

4. Name 5 Challenges You Overcame in 2016.
What was hard? What are you proud of?

5. How Specifically Did I Make a Difference in the World in 2016?
Big or small, how did you help others/the world?

6. What New or Existing Relationships Did I Develop?
Who did you grow your relationship with?

7. What Did I Have the Most Fun?
What did you enjoy most in 2016? Could be anything at all!

Source: The Coaching Tools Company


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