LogoHopeAllianz has been described as a sanctuary …

HopeAllianz Inc was organized in 1994 by Dr Jody L Friesen Grande PhD LICSW BCD and provides a full spectrum of holistic counseling/therapy, personal coaching, lifeskills training and educational services to address the needs of individuals, couples, families, and the community. Professional services include: individual counseling, couples counseling, family therapy, personal coaching for mental health, lifeskills, and caregiving.

In addition, Caregiving Coaching has been introduced as an opportunity to address the growing needs of families who are providing caregiver services. It is estimated that on an average, caregivers spend 20.4 hours per week providing care. Those who live with their care recipient spend 39.3 hours per week caring for that person. Those caring for a child under age 18 spend 29.7 hours per week.


Clients have described HopeAllianz as a sanctuary, which provides an atmosphere of acceptance and guidance, is non-judgmental, safe, unique, confidential, supportive, inspiring, creative, optimistic, hopeful, understanding, honest, stable, compassionate, and peaceful. Clients feel like they make a connection with others, learn about emotional management, and are forever evolving and growing. A place where preventive medicine and health is encouraged and personal renewal is found. (A special thank you to the DBT LifeSkills Training Group that provided this description.)

HopeAllianz client’s value knowledge and wisdom, personal responsibility and accountability, respect, compassion, validation, self-exploration and personal development, professional and quality clinical services, a safe relaxing and nurturing environment, and the openness to embrace their faith and spirituality on their journey.

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