I will be your professional guide as you begin your journey of self-discovery ~ maximizing your potential through living an authentic life.


This is your opportunity to learn powerful tools you can use to enhance your life, your health, and your well-being. Gifts for a better life ~ you are a WHOLE person, made up of interrelating parts that are constantly affecting each other: the physical you (your body), the mental you (your thoughts), the emotional you (your feelings) and the spiritual you (your spirit).

I believe that we are each on a personal journey, which is filled with challenges and opportunities … seeking balance and harmony with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of life. We often look for answers, but they do not come as quickly as we want. We become impatient, discouraged, frustrated, angry and stuck. Be patient with the process … continue walking along your path towards WELLNESS.

in Positive, Healthy and Vigorous Ways!

I wish for your this day — contentment, compassion and courage — while embracing this very moment … take a breath and enjoy the boundless blessings you are receiving right now.



Offering Mindful Solutions and Techniques in
Managing Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Loss and Grief


When families are subjected to continuous and never-ending stress, you may find your life coping skills no longer effective. The ambiguous loss you may be caregiving125experiencing and the prolonged stress you feel may lead to burnout ~ a depletion of personal resources to the point of loss of energy to fulfill necessary daily functions. When you find yourself excessively focused on others’ needs, deficits and problems, it is only normal to feel drained, worn out, and exhausted.

One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value ~John Rohn. Our journey of caregiving can be rewarding and exhausting with ambiguous consequences. You can love and care for other while nurturing yourself.

Developing a Personalized Family Care Plan, Resources, and Support Groups
For more information ~ CaregivingAllianz … for Families and Professionals


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