Care Ministry for Churches

Healing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Together
True wholeness comes from having a love affair with life, living in harmony with inner wisdom, and coming to a full sense of awe at the miracle of one’s own existence.
~M Keith, OSF, psychotherapist

Dr Jody L Friesen Grande is committed to sharing information with the church congregations by providing support groups and workshops on a variety of life challenging issues.

Anxiety: Embrace the Fear
Families Life Experience with Mental Illness
Teenagers HelpGuide for Depression
Using a Peaceful Mind to Overcome Depression
The Wheel of Life: Finding Balance in Your Life
Caregiving: Taking Care of You and Personal Stress
Caregiving: Communicating and Emotions
Caregiving: Transitions and Tough Decisions

Personalized workshops are designed for your needs … contact Dr Grande for more information at 763 546 6624

Churches where presentations have been provided:

Folkestone at Wayzata – Presbyterian Homes
Immanuel United Methodist Church
Maple Grove Covenant Church
Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church
West Suburban Coalition for Grief Support