Family therapy focuses on families experiencing mental illness, special needs children, chronic illness or eldercare. Helping all family members address conflicts, tragedies, crises, losses and other significant concerns. Encouraging families to nurture themselves while caring for others.

When families are subjected to continuous and never-ending stress, you may find your life coping skills no longer effective. The ambiguous loss you may be experiencing and the prolonged stress you feel may lead to burnout ~ a depletion of personal resources to the point of loss of energy to fulfill necessary daily functions. When you find yourself excessively focused on others’ needs, deficits and problems, it is only normal to feel drained, worn out, and exhausted.

One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.
~John Rohn

Resolving conflicts, exhibiting mutual respect, increasing trust in one another, and speaking honestly and openly with family members are key elements that can improve family functioning. Our journey of caregiving can be rewarding and exhausting with ambiguous consequences. You can love and care for other while nurturing yourself.

HopeAllianz helps you to develop a personalized daily care plan, provide resources and offers opportunities to connect with others in similar situations through support groups and workshops.


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