DBT Assumptions

DBT Assumption About You

  • You are doing the best you can.
  • You want to develop an authentic quality of life.
  • You need to do better, tryharder, and be more willing and motivated to consider
    healthy choices … and committed to taking action.
  • You may not have caused all of your problems, but you need to take responsibility to resolve them anyway.
  • You need to develop healthy behaviors and explore choices in all relevant
    experiences of your life.
  • You cannot fail in therapyif you are willing and committed to learning and practicing healthy lifeskills daily.

DBT Assumptions About Therapy

  • The most caring thing I can do is to challenge you to be open to choices that bring you closer to your own ultimate goals and life purpose.
  • Clarity, precision, and compassion are of the utmost importance.
  • Our therapeutic relationship is a real relationship between equals.
  • Principles of behavior are universal effecting me no less than you.
  • It is not my intent, but I amhuman and I can fail.
  • The therapeutic process can fail even when I cannot.

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